At the bottom of this page is where you can access the training website.

Technical support contact information at bottom of this page. Please review the instructions below before contacting technical support.

Create Account

You will see this screen.

Full First and Last Name must match government photo ID

Complete the information requested

If you do not have an email address please make one up. As long as it has:

This is so that the system recognizes it as an email address.

If you use a “fake” email address you will not be able to recover a forgotten password or get alerts when your training is coming due.


Enter the required information to complete your profile.

Visit Course Page

Click on “Visit” to begin

Start Course

Click “Start”

Get Certificate

If you need to print the certificate. Log in at:

Click on “Certificates” under “My Achievements”  You can download and print the Certificate as a PDF file.

Sign Out

Please “sign out” when you are done with the training. This is important if multiple people will be using the same computer for the training.

Hartwell Facility

New User Accounts Only


If you are creating multiple accounts for employees, copy the URL link. Paste the link in your browser and start over from this point for each employee. Sign out between each new account.

To Create a User Profile and begin the training go to:

 Create New User Account Only


Copy and Paste:

You will need to create an ID and user profile.

Account Log In

If you stop the training before it is complete or need to get a copy of your Certificate (Badge), etc.

Please go to:


Copy and Paste the above link to your browser

You will begin where you left off. You will need to log back in with your email address and password.

For Nestlé Purina specific questions please contact:

Your Nestle Purina Representative