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Endurance Essentials

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Course Description

In short, Endurance Essentials is for aspiring and new (and maybe not so new) distance riders who prefer to take a self-paced online course, or who do not have a live local Endurance 101 clinic happening in their neighborhood, it would provide an opportunity get both INSPIRED and EDUCATED about what it takes to successfully prepare for that first competition. As anyone knows in our sport, there can be a steep learning curve to success. Our vision for the course was to keep the content fundamental, to focus on the basics for assisting you in preparing to make it to your first competition — whether it be an AERC ride, or a Competitive Trail Ride, or a Ride and Tie — with the building blocks in place to have a successful ride. But we also know that sometimes learners like to delve deeper, so along with the training comes a Resources PDF, with links to in-depth information — everything from blogs to books to endurance tack websites to more information about balanced hooves and electrolytes. From Sue Neidlinger, who recently completed the course: “For anyone not able to attend a live Endurance 101 class, or if you prefer to take your education courses while in your jammies, this web based class is terrific! Flows wonderfully, just enough humor to make you realize you do not have to have a superhero horse, nor do you need to be a marathon runner, to do this sport. Enough information so that you can go to your first ride with the knowledge to keep both you and your horse safe and healthy.”