Compliance Consulting and Auditing Services

 Facility OSHA/EPA/DOT Compliance and Risk-Based Assessments

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
Internal Audit Programs

Process/Machinery Equipment Code Review/Risk Assessment
(Chemical, Electrical, Machine Design)

Treatment, Storage, Disposal & Recycling Facilities/
HazMat Carrier Audits

Pre-Acquisition Management Systems
and Regulatory Compliance Audits


“Patti provided support to DPS commissioning whilst working on a project in the US. She acted as an invaluable resource to the employees on this project by providing technical support and guidance in terms of hazard risk assessments, compliance with US codes and standards and training programs.”

Karen Duffy, DPS Engineering


“Patti is by far the most talented safety professional that I have worked with. Her knowledge combined with fundamental operational understanding have been instrumental in understanding root causes, and developing corrective and preventative actions for safety and environmental issues. I have regularly reached out to her for assistance when faced with safety or environmental challenges, and she has always been able to bring something to the table to move towards resolution.”

Michael Wawrowski, Multisorb Technologies Inc.



“It is hard to find good engineers, good communicators, and a willingness to work with everyone. Bryan is a great example for our new engineers.”

Dave S., Engineering Manager


“As a Manager of Field Operations with over 30 years of experience in the gas transmission industry, I understand the importance of safety and compliance with regulations. Because of her many years of experience and knowledge in the environmental health and safety sector, Iroquois has benefited greatly from Patti’s consulting. We look forward to the future with Patti in our corner.”

Thomas Bashaw, Manager, Field Ops & Maintenance



“Bryan’s knowledge of codes and standards is impressive.”

Dewey B., Engineering Manager


“Patti from Proactive Compliance Services Inc. provided our project with consulting services regarding the planning and permitting coordination for the safe introduction of process chemicals.  Using her methodical approach to hazard risk assessment, she made sure we had all of the necessary safeguards in place to keep our people safe.” 

Matt Owen, Construction Manager for Specialty Gas and Chemical Systems

Development of EH&S Plans and Regulatory Documents

Health & Safety

OSHA Compliance Programs: General Industry and Construction Standards including:

  • Hazard Communication, including Globally Harmonized System compliance assistance
  • Personal Protective Equipment, including site-specific PPE Hazard Assessments
  • Process Hazard Analysis/Risk Assessment
  • Respiratory Protection Program
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plans
  • Permit-Required Confined Space Entry Program, Confined Space Classification/Inventorying and Entry Procedures
  • Control of Hazardous Energy (“Lockout-Tagout”) including Equipment-Specific LOTO Procedures and LOTO Periodic Inspections/Audits
  • Working At Height Inventories/Fall Prevention and Protection Assessments

Health and Safety Plans – Corporate and Site-Specific HASPs for Hazardous Waste Site Clean-Up Operations under Hazwoper or Construction projects

Emergency Action Plans / Emergency Response Plans

Incident Reporting/Investigation

Ergonomic Assessments (Office, Field and Manufacturing)

Project/Equipment Risk Assessment/Risk Assessment Facilitation

Development of Job Safety Analyses (JSA)


ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

RCRA Hazardous Waste Management Plans/Closure Plans/Waste Minimization Plans

Emergency Action Plans/RCRA Contingency/SPCC/Integrated Contingency Plans

Best Management Practices (BMP) Plans/Risk Management Plans

TSCA (PCB) Management Plans

Site Remediation Project Management

Regulatory Reports: RCRA/SARA Tier I/II and Form R

Permit Applications: RCRA Part B/Air/Water


Shipper and Carrier Hazardous Materials Compliance Programs:

  • Highway/Air/Water/Rail/Pipeline

Commercial Motor Vehicle Compliance Programs – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations

Shipper and Carrier Hazardous Materials Security Plans


Arc Flash Evaluations/Labeling per NFPA 70E

Electrical Design Consulting per NFPA 79

Sampling Capabilities

Air Monitoring

Real-Time & Perimeter PM10 and Total Suspended Particulate Monitoring

Real-Time PM2.5 Monitoring

Perimeter Monitoring for PCB, Volatile, and Semi-Volatile compounds using sorbent tubes and PUF methodology

Heavy Metals and Radiologicals

Industrial Hygiene

Development of Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene Sampling Plans, include baseline plans and Industrial Hygiene re-assessments, routine sampling and project-based strategies.

Short-Term (STEL) and Long Term (TWA) sampling for numerous parameters and substances using many types of sample pumps & media, Summa canisters, particle counters, etc.

Groundwater Sampling

  • Bailers
  • Submersible and peristaltic pumps of many types
  • Contaminated and Clean water Sampling
  • Many different parameters including Organics, Inorganics, Low Level Mercury, Radiologicals, etc.

Surface & Stormwater Sampling

  • ISCO Auto-Samplers, Van Dorn & other Composite Pond Samplers, Coliwasa
  • Contaminated and Clean water Sampling
  • Many different parameters including Organics, Inorganics, Low Level Mercury, Radiologicals, Biologicals, etc.
  • SPDES-required sampling methods

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous Wastewater using a variety of submersible pumps

Drum sampling of hazardous waste using a variety of different methods depending on physical state of material being sampled.


Surface and “At Depth” soil samples using various methods.