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FAQ for All Nestle Purina Sites

@*&%^! If you got to this page, you’re probably already frustrated. We know it’s frustrating when technology doesn’t work the way you expected.

For most issues getting started, the fastest solution is to log out and then register again starting from the correct link shown in your instructions.

If your issue is listed below, click the text to expand it and read more.

I created an account, but I don't see any courses. It says I need a "magic code."

Try logging out and creating an account again with a different username. You can leave the email address blank if needed. Make sure you use the correct link below to register. These links contain the “magic codes” for the courses for each site.

You’ll need to use that link above after logging out. The last part of the link (e.g., NPHAR) is the magic code that gives you the right location options and makes sure you can access the right course after registering. If you just start registering immediately after logging out, you still won’t have access to the training. It needs that “magic code” to work correctly.

I can't find instructions or training for Allentown, Clinton, or Mechanicsburg.

Unfortunately, Nestle Purina Allentown, Clinton, and Mechanicsburg are no longer using this Learning Management System, and the online Contractor Safety Course is no longer available for these sites.

For Allentown: Please contact Eric Frederick or James Overholt ( or regarding any assistance with the Nestle Purina Allentown Contractor Safety orientation.

For Clinton: Please contact Matt Robinson () for assistance with the Nestle Purina Clinton Contractor Safety orientation.

For Mechanicsburg: Please contact Andrew Muhl ( or 717-448-7507) for assistance with the Nestle Purina Mechanicsburg Contractor Safety orientation.

I don't see any options for location when I register for an account.

Make sure you start at the correct link before registering. If you have nothing other than “Choose” for location, then the link is incorrect. Close the current registration form and start again with a new username, using the correct link below to register.

The last part of the link (e.g., NPHAR) is what gives you the right location options and makes sure you can access the right course after registering.

I completed orientation previously, but now I can't log into my account for a new facility.

If you previously completed your training for either Mechanicsburg or Allentown, you may get a message that your account is invalid or inactive. When these sites switched to a different system, all of the associated contractor accounts were suspended.

Please submit a technical support request with your name, username, and the facility you need to be certified for. We will activate your account and enroll you in the correct orientation.

How do I access orientation for another site?

If you work for multiple facilities and already have an account, we can enroll you in the additional courses. Fill out the form to contact technical support so we can add the correct course(s) to your account. In your message, note which site(s) you previously worked on and which site you now need access to.

I'm using a shared device, and I completed the training while logged in as someone else.

Unfortunately, if you completed the training while logged in as someone else, you will need to do the training again in order to receive credit.

  1. Log out.
  2. Go to the correct link as shown in your instructions.
  3. Register for a new account in your name.
  4. Complete the training.
I’m a Nestle Purina Employee having issues viewing reports.

If you are only seeing options to take a course, you are likely logged in as a contractor.  Please log out and log back in following this URL: with your Nestle Purina Employee login credentials.

If you are having issues creating your own report, or scheduling reports you have made to send, please reference these instructions.

If your issue persists, please submit a support request.

I’m a Nestle Purina Employee, and I need to add a new Contractor Company to the “Contractor Company” dropdown list.

If you are a Nestle Purina employee with a new contractor company that will need to take the Contractor Safety Course, please submit a support request with the issue type “Add Contractor Company” and include the contractor company’s name in the “Description of your Issue” field. Be sure to note your location when you complete the form.

Please submit new Contractor Company requests by the 8th of each month to see them added by the end of the month, requests submitted later will be rolled into the following month’s submissions.

**Please Note: Contractor Companies can complete the course under Contractor Company: “Not Listed” and still receive full credit. The PCS Help Desk will perform routine data cleanup to later tie users to the correct companies.**

How do I add a Nestle Purina co-worker as a Report Viewer?

To add a co-worker as a Report Viewer in the Learning Management System, please submit a support request below with the issue type “Add Report Viewer” and include that user’s name and email address in the “Description of your Issue” field.

Still Need Help?

If your question isn’t covered in the training instructions or FAQs, submit a ticket to our Help Desk. Please allow one business day for a response.