Many of our clients are making their plans for 2017 training — or getting nervous, knowing that they should be.

Our recommendation to them is unvarying:

It’s the perfect time to conduct a Training Needs Assessment!

Imagine for a moment, a tale of two organizations:

In Company A, the employees are:

  • Engaged in the training experience
  • Enjoying quizzes or interactions that test their on-the-job skills
  • Thankful for training that fits into their schedule and values their time, whether that’s training that takes place on their shift, or from their laptop at a time that’s convenient for them
  • Transferring their knowledge to their day-to-day work activities

In Company B, the employees are:

  • Unengaged in training, whether live or web-based
  • Rightfully complaining that the content has little to do with their daily work hazards
  • Delaying and avoiding training, creating risks not only for themselves but the organization itself
  • Failing to follow safe work practices that are covered in training

Ask yourself, do you want your organization to look like Company A?

Perhaps you have time to ponder these critical questions as you start planning for next year. Most of the EH&S professionals with whom we work simply have too much on their plates to step back for a 30,000-foot view of their own training program.

That’s where our wisdom and savvy comes in. Often it is knowing the right questions to ask, and to whom.

Contact us today to set up a time to meet in person to talk about evolving your company into Company A.

For over a quarter of a century we have engaged and assisted diverse clientele with unique and challenging work environments.

Perhaps just a few tweaks are needed to take your training to the next level. Maybe it’s time for an overhaul.

Will 2017 be the year that you’re part of an astonishing transformation in your company?